Straif the Blackthorn ... surrender

With my blackthorn cane 
I prodded and pointed to find my way.
With my fairy tales limb 
I was a hero to face giants I needed to slay.
Live blossom scent convinced me 
and inspired me where to go;
But nay, those giants were my ancestry 
wrapped up in a sloe.

A sloe, or two, with apples 
makes mighty fine jelly,
But if not kept dark, cold, and hidden, 
may get a bit too smelly.
So left in the cold, 
and through any treacherous night, 
I stay awake, longing for light 
so I can, at last, taste this delight. 

But as soon as 
came the morrow,
Eager to commence it 
without sorrow,
She came sweet, sincere 
and most definitely cunning; 
Her eyes, my eyes joined at the jelly, 
that started running .

Tears, hot, dropped 
from just above my face,
Darkness to light searingly hurt 
but, yay, I have found may place
Beyond all calling to all points 
that break us and betray.
Escaped from the gauntlet of all pain 
that a hero carries today.  

Some say, better the bramble than the blackthorn; 
Better the blackthorn than the devil re-born
Because a blackthorn stick or flower guides
Us to a place where there's no need to hide.

But where is this place 
a lone worn traveller may ask?
I say, ask the blackthorn faerie 
but first she will give you a task
And I warn you she'll mark you 
with her berries of indelible ink, 
But you'll love all if you surrender 
to the nectar she'll offer you to drink.

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