ritual and celebration burning

There are various traditions, superstitions and beliefs regarding bringing blackthorn into our homes. Many rural families believed, and still believe, that bringing  Blackthorn blossom into the home meant a death of one of the family would follow soon. At lit like the curse of the indoor Hawthorn.

Some believe that if a Blackthorn is scorched first, then it is ok, and in some rural areas scorched blackthorn twigs are brought in during midwinter and hung up with the  mistletoe for good luck.

wands and staves

Blackthorn sticks and wands are legendary. They are said to be powerful for orchestrating mood and emotion swings. In the hands of a good shaman should aid the calming of anyone distressed around him or her.


With Blackthorn it tends to not be divination but caution. Fae people, called Lunantishees, are said to guard Blackthorn trees and have sacred days of 11th November and 11th May. Anyone cutting Blackthorn or taking material from a tree then will be cursed with bad luck for several years.

To extend that caution I would advise just do not touch them on any New Moon to New Moon phase that includes Samhain to 11th November, as well as the phase that includes Bealtaine to 11th of May.

It was also said to be bad luck to wear Blackthorn flowers on ourselves at any time.

Some diviners do use Blackthorn to seek lost items.

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