my poem's mythology

surrender      sounding the fourth note of our Autumn

awareness of our egos and our balanced place among all things

I have used the mythology that tells of the Blackthorn being the sharer of Omens and that inhalation of Blackthorn scent opens up our awareness to the place of our egos.

Bards have shared stories of Straif the Blackthorn inspiring how people, animals, trees and plants respond to the presence of everything around them.

The tell us how finding our place can release us from the shackles of illness, receive response to our prayers, and have revelations revealed.

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my Straif the Blackthorn story poem explained ...

It is said that if we carry a Blackthorn stave or stick we are protected from unseen harm approaching us, and that snakes will not come near us when we carry Blackthorn.

So, with the start of this story poem I stride with confidence believing that nothing will harm and even be pompous through an invitation for evil to try and tempt me. Alas, those we call challenging, and even evil, were part of our ancestry, therefore also part of us now, and all symbolized by the sloe berry on the Blackthorm

Instead of interpreting whatever we shut out as foe, we can befriend it instead, like the bitter taste corrupting sloe berry that can indeed make mighty fine jelly.

Accepting this sweetness, something more beautiful become visible before us, a beauty and warm embrace that could and would never have happened if we did not disarm our blackthorn stave and allow trust to include us, not revolve around us.

We do not have to be a hero to be loved, but let love be the hero, our bringer of harvest, nourishment and trust in unity.

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