turning and furnishings

Wood turners tend to use Blackthorm to make mallets, due to Blackthorn becoming the harded of woods when fully cured. Some also make mortises from them for mortise and pestle sets, with the pestles made from other woods.

In ancient times, Blackthorn was the most popular wood for chariot wheel shafts.

Sometimes Blackthorn is turned for making chair and table legs.

construction carpentry

Rarely, aged, wide and well cured Blackthorn is used for lintels in small buildings.

other crafts

The extremely hard wood of Blackthorn is highly valued for making walking sticks, traditional shillelaghs and cudgels as it's wood boasts interesting patterns and knot-holes.

It's sharp thorns have been used for centuries as awls for putting holes in leather and cloths.

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